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The Gigantic Turnip

This half term we have been exploring all the opportunities for learning in our new classroom. We have also been reading two key stories; The Gigantic Turnip and Oliver's Vegetables. We have used these to base some of our work on.  We have re-enacted and retold the story of the Gigantic Turnip in lots of different ways. Then we wrote a speech bubble as one of the characters from the Gigantic Turnip to describe what we did.

After we had finished reading the Gigantic Turnip, we received a delivery of vegetables to the classroom. We read the story of Oliver's Vegetables . We predicted whether Oliver would eat the vegetables he found in his granddad's garden. 

The story has been the base for learning about describing words. The children have been describing different types of fruit and vegetables and developing their vocabulary. 

Year 1 - Autumn 1

Welcome to Rabbits Class. Have a look at some of the things we have been learning this half term...

Growing and Harvest!!

How do Plants Grow? 

In Science we have been learning about how plants grow. We learned about what a plant needs to survive, water, soil and sunlight. We then decided to make our our plants to see how plants really do grow! 

The children planted their own cress and took care of their plants. Over a few days the children were able to see how the cress grew. Some grew quicker than others, which posed the question "why?" this was something we would have to investigate further! 



If you need any guidance on Phonics click below for the different phases

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Phase 5 

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Tricky words

These are the Tricky words we have been focusing on recently. Keep a look out for any updates as we are still learning more Tricky words!

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In Maths we have been sorting objects into different categories and exploring place value. We ordered numbers from 20 and solved lots of missing number problems. 

We have also started learning about addition using the part part whole model. We used conkers to help us make different amounts and partition the numbers in different ways. 

If we go down to the woods today....... what do you think we'll we find? 

For outdoor learning we went over to Hundred Acre Wood. We had the best time building dens and foraging for sticks and leaves. The children worked together as a team to create the most imaginative dens. 

we also looked at the weather and the foliage, which we will monitor over the next few visits to the woods. 

What a beautiful day to go the woods!