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Home Learning Gallery

Welcome to our gallery! We hope you enjoy seeing what children have been doing as part of their home learning.


Check out all Emilie's work from Summer 2 so far! She has been working ever so hard! 

Isaac has been working hard during Summer 2 as well! 

Wow - Look at how much Georgie has been doing at home!! Can you spot what she got for her 7th Birthday too? Happy Birthday Georgie! 

Can't wait to hear the new single from your band too Georgie! 

Henry has been doing some lovely work at home! Well done for keeping that beautiful handwriting! I wonder who else has written stories? 

Isaac has been working hard at home! Who else wrote a postcard to a class mate? 

The Woolleys have been at it again. Check out their work on homophones, fractions and the Titanic!

Wow! Check out all of Emilie's hard work! We are so impressed by all the creativity! 

Heston and Fraser have been super busy at home. What activities can you spot them doing? 

Can you spot your Titanic picture in this slide show? keep sending your pictures in, they are awesome! 

Sam has drawn a brilliant picture of the Titanic!

Jack has been really busy at home too! He has done some impressive Lego construction!! Can anyone else build a model of the Titanic? 

The cats have been enjoying story time too, and look at all that geography too! 


Joby has been busy making salt dough! 

Read Callum's fantastic twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears below. Well done Cal, I think everyone will enjoy your story as much as me!

Joby has been busy baking rolls. They look delicious!

Thomas has been busy practising his number bonds for numbers up to 20. He has written number sentences and paired numbers together that make 20. Well done Thomas!

Rory has been busy at home - look at his fantastic art work!

He has also been busy learning how to tell the time. Check out Twinkl if you would like to have a go at his Tell the Time treasure Hunt!


Coming soon...