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Year 1 - Summer 2

 To Infinity and Beyond!


This half term we have continued to learn about number fluency. We have learnt about adding numbers efficiently by adding tens and ones as well as thinking about our number knowledge, such as number bonds and doubles.

Growing Time

During Growing Time this half term we have created lots of Art work; we used chalk to make planet pictures, designed and made rockets and created space background images using silver and gold paint and toothbrushes!

We have created rockets using large construction and got to wear our very own astronaut suits!

We also created a space reading area outdoors and children were able to write their own space stories and fact files using the information they read.

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We learnt all about Neil Armstrong and his life before he became an astronaut. We also learnt about the Apollo 11 mission. We wrote a diary as Neil, ensuring we used past tense words, then we checked our writing for sense.

We had a surprise visitor leave a secret trail outside our classroom; there were green foot prints and parts of a spaceship! We created a crime scene report thinking about who, what and how. Rabbits class then discovered that it belonged to the Martian from Oliver Jeffers 'The Way Back Home'. We sequenced different stories thinking about the beginning, problem, resolution and end. The children also worked on adding suffixes -ed and -ing to root words.