Meon Valley Federation

Meon Valley Federation

Year 1 - Spring 1 



This half term in English we have been reading Tingatinga tales and writing our own. We made these into books and created our own Tingatinga art work for the front covers.

We researched different African animals and what made them unique. We used this as a basis for our stories.

Tall Tales!

We also read Please Mr Panda. We tried some doughnuts of our own and used these to describe how they tasted. We used these adjectives in our writing. We also role played asking for doughnuts in different ways!

Here are some adjectives we came up with to describe our doughnuts:

We used these in our writing. We also practised using questions and exclamation marks.

We wrote our own Please Mr... stories, changing the characters. we practised using noun phrases to describe the doughnuts we wanted. We used exclamation marks and question marks in our writing.




We counted in 2s and 10s and also explored grouping equally.

We used our knowledge of counting in 2s and adding the same amount repeatedly to solve different problems and help Mr Panda and our class cat Cleo pack their doughnuts.