Meon Valley Federation

Meon Valley Federation

Year 1 - Autumn 2

Have a look at out learning from this term...there is also a curriculum bulletin to have a more detailed look into what we have been up to! 

Leaf man 

We found a pile of leaves that had blown into the classroom and we looked at the cover of Leaf Man. We predicted who Leaf Man was and where he might have come from.

 We then decided to make our own Leaf Man stories. But needed to learn how to do it! 

So, we learned all about position words and made our own story maps. This told us how and where Leaf Man blew. 

These are our story maps that we created in groups. 


Click above to have a look at the Curriculum Bulletin. 

Geography & ICT

In Geography we have carried on looking at how Newtown Soberton Blossoms and Blooms. We have discussed the best parts of our school, human and physical and created a map. 

We created the map to show our favourite places in school. the children love the library, Rabbis class and the top playground. 

Rabbits then learned how to use the Bee-bots and to navigate them safely around the 'school'. They gave the Bee-bots instructions and had to be careful they didn't send him the wrong way! 


Rabbits have been learning lots of new skills in Maths this term. 

We have been learning about addition and subtraction using lots of different resources to subtract. 

Rabbis got a visit from 'Corner Shop Dorris' who taught them all about money. We investigated them by sorting them into different groups such as size, shape and colour and by playing 'guess who' games.

We have also been learning about Measurement, exploring height and lengths. We organised ourselves into height order, tallest to shortest!